Application Instructions

Each entry will consist of three elements:

  • Entry Form
  • Entry prepared in Microsoft Word, following the instructions provided below.
  • PowerPoint Slide to be used in the award ceremony presentation
    • Update slide to include information relevant to your entry
    • Include visuals that are clear representations of your entry
    • Update “Notes” section on slide to include information about your entry, including synopsis and award announcement/recognition

Entries will be evaluated using the criteria that are the prime tenets of public relations: research, analysis and planning, communication action, implementation and evaluation. When determining how to best present your work, consider the following:

  • Objectives: Purpose and objectives clearly stated. Target audience(s) clearly defined.
  • Research: Thorough advance research or analysis, including determination of issues and needs.
  • Planning:  Complete and comprehensive planning. Appropriate use of available budget.
  • Creativity: Creative approach/appropriateness of the communications methods and/or medium.
  • Quality: Overall image and professional appearance including design, photography, electronic production, paper selection, typography and audiovisual production. Quality of writing.
  • Evaluation/Results: How well the entry addresses the target audience and meets the stated objectives. How well results correlate to research findings and strategic objectives. Note: For campaigns, circulation figures are not an acceptable means of quantitative measurement.

The judges have the right to withhold an award in any category if the entry does not, in their opinion, warrant recognition. Entries may be moved to the appropriate category or division at the judge’s discretion. Entries will be disqualified if submission guidelines are not followed.

Preparing Your Entry

All entries should be crafted in Microsoft Word. Entries should adhere to the following style guidelines:

  • Font: Arial (12pt minimum)
  • Margins: 1”
  • Section Headers (e.g., Entry Title, Evaluation/Results) should be bolded
  • Length/Word Count: No less than 100 words per entry

All entries must have the following components:

Section Section Copy/Content Details/Recommendations
1 Entry Title Name of entrant, agency/organization
2 Campaign or Tactic Category Number & category name (ex. 6 – Crisis Communications)

Month & year of campaign/tactic completion date

Choose from one of the categories listed on this page
3 Top-Level Synopsis Name of client, budget, situational overview
4 Project Objective Full outline of project objective(s) and identification of target audience(s)
5 Research/Planning Primary & secondary research completed prior to execution Can include supplemental documents
6 Plan Outline Planning materials/pre-work supplements Can include supplemental documents
7 Execution Carefully explain how your campaign or tactic unfolded When detailing the execution, try answering the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when & why).

Save these supplemental documents

8 Evaluation/Results Summary of the results of your campaign or tactic (eg, number of attendees, website traffic, video views) Must include measurable data tied directly to your objective(s).
9 Supplemental Materials (eg, images, collateral, video, audio) Quality images that represent your project as accurately as possible. Use operable links to audio, video if possible. Limited to 20. **Note: If your link is inoperable, it will not be included in the judging process.

 Finalizing and Submitting

Entry forms, entries, slides and payment by the final deadline of 11:59 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4, 2017, or your entry/entries are subject to disqualification.

  1. Save your presentation using CATEGORY TITLE_ORGANIZATION/AGENCY_PROJECT NAME as the file name. (For example: Campaign Social Media_StephanandBrady_ListenUp.)
  2. Upload submissions (application and entry form) to Dropbox, if possible. For access to Dropbox, email If this is not possible or you have difficulties, send to
  3. Payment for submission should be made here, via EventBrite, at the time of submission.
  4. Confirmation of receipt will be emailed to the individual submitting the entry/entries.