prsa madison 2018 alchemy awards

How to Enter

Step 1: complete your entry form, entry and powerpoint slide

Step 2: send entry documents to the PRSA Madison Dropbox

Step 3: Submit your payment via Eventbrite



Any submitted work needs to have run within a 2-year timeframe from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018 

  • If you have previously submitted work from this timeframe and won, that same work is not eligible again, unless there’s an additional phase of your campaign.

  • If you have previously submitted work from this timeframe and it did not win, please feel free to beef up that entry and try again!


Each entry will consist of only three elements:

  1. Entry Form: basic entry detail so the committee knows who to contact

  2. Entry: what judges will review; the outline of your program

  3. PowerPoint Slide: one slide that will be shared at the award ceremony



Entries be evaluated using the criteria that are the prime tenets of public relations: research, analysis and planning, communication action, implementation and evaluation. When determining how to best present your work, consider the following:

  • Objectives: Purpose and objectives clearly stated. Target audience(s) clearly defined.

  • Research: Thorough advance research or analysis, including determination of issues and needs.

  • Planning: Complete and comprehensive planning. Appropriate use of available budget.

  • Creativity: Creative approach/appropriateness of the communications methods and/or medium.

  • Quality: Overall image and professional appearance including design, photography, electronic production, paper selection, typography and audiovisual production. Quality of writing.

  • Evaluation/Results: How well the entry addresses the target audience and meets the stated objectives. How well results correlate to research findings and strategic objectives. Note: For campaigns, circulation figures are not an acceptable means of quantitative measurement.

The judges have the right to withhold an award in any category if the entry does not, in their opinion, warrant recognition. Entries may be moved to the appropriate category or division at the judge’s discretion. Entries will be disqualified if submission guidelines are not followed.



All entries should have a corresponding 1-page entry form that details who is submitting, their contact information, a synopsis of the entry that will be read at the award ceremony and what you want your award to say, should you win.



 All entries should be crafted in Microsoft Word following these style guidelines:

  • Font: Arial (12pt minimum)

  • Margins: 1”

  • Section Headers (e.g., Entry Tile, Evaluation/Results) should be bolded

  • Length/Word Count: No less than 100 words per entry

See the entry template provided for detail.



All entries should also have a corresponding PowerPoint slide, following the provided template. This slide will be merged into the master Award Ceremony presentation deck. It should include:

  • Basic information of your entry (title, organization)

  • 1-2 visuals that represent your entry

  • Copy and paste your entry synopsis into the notes section of the slide for the presenter



  1. Save your entry using CATEGORYTITLE _ORGANIZATION/AGENCY_PROJECT NAME as the file name.

    1. For example: Campaign Social Media_StephanandBrady_ListenUp.

    2. Follow this format for your PowerPoint slide as well

    3. Entry forms should follow the same format, but include “ENTRY FORM” at the end: CATEGORYTITLE _ORGANIZATION/AGENCY_PROJECT NAME_ENTRY FORM

  2. Upload submissions to the PRSA Madison Dropbox. To gain access, it’s not possible, or you have difficulties, contact Liesel Olson,

  3. Payment for submission should be made via Eventbrite at the time of submission:

  4. Confirmation of receipt will be emailed to the individual submitting the entry/entries.


Submission Fees & Deadlines

Early Bird Deadline: January 2, 2019, 11:59pm

Early Bird Fee – Member: $45
Early Bird Fee – Non-Member: $55


Final Deadline: January 31, 2019, 11:59pm

Member Fee: $65
Non-Member: $75


Please contact the awards committee at if you have any difficulty submitting your entry.