Your fearless leaders.


Board of Directors

Our board of directors help develop the programs, events and opportunities that keep our chapter relevant and engaging for members. 


Chapter President
Liesel Olson

Rob Gard

Vice President

Membership Chair
Saul Hafenbredl

Diana Henry

Membership Chair
Fran Puleo


Committee Members

The fine folks that dedicate time to making our chapter program run smoothly.


Programming Chairs   
Jena Williamson
Meghan Leatherman

PRO DAY Chair   

PRSSA Chair   Adam Benavides

Alchemy Awards Chair  
Liesel Olson

Sponsorship Chair  
Adam Benavides

Ethics/APR Co-Chairs
Lauren Smith

Scholarship Chair    
Saul Hafenbredl


Website Chair  
Abby Despins

Newsletter Chair   
Lynn Bartholomew

Social Media Chair  
Meghan Leatherman