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Corporate Communications Consultant

POSTED: 6/25/2019

This position provides strategic communications counsel and support to officers, and major cross-divisional project teams. Proactively leads development of communication strategies to internal and external audiences (including news media) that achieve business goals and build understanding and support with the company's values, objectives and actions. Responsible for leading communications, planning and development, including coaching for leaders, on projects that create significant change for the company or a division. Assesses communication effectiveness and applies lessons learned to strengthen future communications.

Communication Strategy and Planning (50%)

  • Leads development of internal client communication plans that support corporate and divisional goals, striving to achieve audience understanding, support and alignment of behaviors to achieve those goals. Ensures plans are clear and actionable for other department employees to execute. Will execute tactics in the most strategic plans.

  • Leads development and execution of communication plans for major projects, including large cross-divisional initiatives. When appropriate, includes goals and strategies in the plans that foster acceptance of major change.

  • Pursues innovative communication solutions to address business challenges and opportunities. Sees and acts on opportunities and risks rather than waiting for an assignment from others.

  • Strengthens plans by using internal and external social media channels as appropriate to promote information-sharing and dialogue. Monitors and assesses sentiment to determine future communications.

  • Critically evaluates the benefits, limitations, costs and effectiveness of various communication methods and channels. Partners closely with colleagues on multimedia communications deliverables. Also facilitates deliverables with other colleagues in Communications as necessary.

  • Evaluates the root causes and obstacles behind clients` need and uses that information to offer high-value communication solutions.

  • Recognizes when major projects or issues may impact other groups or draw news media interest. Notifies other parties, including Communications colleagues, to consider additional communications for those groups.

  • Proactively builds strong knowledge of audience viewpoints and preferences. Uses that knowledge to develop effective strategies.

Communication Coaching (25%)

  • Develops and manages strategies for enabling dialogue among employees, agents and leadership.

  • Designs training and best practice guidelines to help managers and others hone their verbal, visual and written communication skills.

  • Arms all leaders/managers with guidelines and tools to run team dialogues about change and help their teams to translate change initiatives into concrete, relevant actions.

  • Enhances and advocates use of a consistent communication toolkit with best practices, resources and templates.

  • Creates easily adaptable manager communication tools that breed manager confidence and clearly link to daily work.

Leadership Communication (15%)

  • Demonstrates expertise collaborating with leaders at a strategic level, counseling them to understand how their communication approach and style can support strategy. Anticipates communications needs based on company strategy and business area needs. Serves as a sounding board and supports leaders with messaging, coaching and social media counsel to become better communicators.

  • Creates communication strategies for select officers. Deliverables may include speeches, talking points, presentations/webcasts, intranet columns or other personal messages from the leader. Creates plans and leadership messages for special events.

  • Provides communication coaching to leaders on specific issues, helping them to effectively deliver messages and respond to likely audience questions.

  • Produces, reviews or edits messages and materials to ensure they are consistent with corporate and divisional objectives, enhance or establish credibility of the leader, and effectively convey the voice of the leader.

Business Partnerships (10%)

  • Establishes strong relationships between Communications and business partners by creating an environment for on-going communication, recognizing problems proactively, and facilitating problem resolution.

  • Collaborates with business partners to reach decisions that support corporate objectives and creates value for customers.

  • Influences clients and business partners, even when he or she does not have positional authority, to reach effective communications solutions. Uses in-depth understanding of the company, audiences and strategic communications best practices to make recommendations.

  • Calmly works through sensitive situations and disagreements with clients and others. Reaches resolutions constructively without jeopardizing working relationships.

  • Builds relationships to foster effective, proactive communications among employees in a division, between departments in a division, and from a division to other parts of the company. Also helps clients build stronger relationships with business partners.

To learn more about this position and how to apply visit https://amfam.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Careers/job/AF-WI-Madison-Natl-HQ/Corporate-Communications-Consultant_R12575.

Director of Public Relations

POSTED: 5/6/2019

Overture Center for the Arts is looking to add a new Director of Public Relations to its team.

The Director of Public Relations uses a range of communications tools to develop the Overture Center brand and advance Overture’s public image and increase awareness of its programming throughout the greater Madison community.

The Director of Public Relations works across the organization’s leadership and functional teams to supports the CEO, Marketing & Communications, Programming, Diversity & Inclusion, Operations, Advancement, Human Resources and Finance in defining communication policy, setting strategic communication priorities and directing the internal- and external-facing work.

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for the overall branding and messaging for Overture, and for ensuring a prominent public profile for Overture and its work, including the work of Overture resident arts companies and community partners.

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for meeting publication sales and other program-related goals, and the effective management of departmental resources including support staff.

The Director of Public Relations will oversee institutional and product messaging to key internal and external audiences with the goal of increasing effective and meaningful communications organizationally, including through the creation and development of new Overture Center publications.

The Director of Public Relations will serve as liaison to media outlets with the support of the Media Relations Manager, who will report to the Director of Public Relations.

To learn more about this position and how to apply visit https://www.qtigroup.com/job-posting/director-of-public-relations/15995.

Corporate Communications Intern

POSTED: 5/6/2019

This is your chance to gain real-time experience in communications while finishing your degree! Our Corporate Communications – PR Internship Program has been developed to help you shape your career in PR and communications.

As a Corporate Communications – PR Intern at TDS, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly on Corporate Communications initiatives

  • Learn from experts in communications and PR

  • Build your portfolio writing for multi-media formats (e.g., blogs, news releases, internal/external stories, social media)

  • Contribute social media content, maintenance and strategies for various properties including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Gain hands-on experience within a variety of PR areas

  • Join a network of interns as part of TDS’ Intern Employee Resource Group, with opportunities for leadership

  • Spend time with professional partners and leadership participating in day-to-day activities

  • Create video segments and assist with production

We are looking for a summer/fall intern to work 10-20 hours per week in the Madison, Wis. office during the school year; and up to 30 hours per week during the summer. Flexible scheduling is available.

For more information visit https://external-telecom-teldta.icims.com/jobs/14184/corporate-communications-%28pr%29-intern/job?mode=view.

Social Media Manager

POSTED: 5/6/2019

As the Wisconsin Historical Society’s social-media expert, the Social Media Manager builds and grows our social-media network and community.

The Social Media Manager works with the marketing team to design comprehensive social-media strategies that allow users to participate in an interactive relationship with the Wisconsin Historical Society. These strategies are integrated into an aggressive, forward-thinking marketing and communications plan, which supports the Society’s goals, including audience growth and better service to the public.

Core Duties

  • Develop multi-year social media marketing strategies to:

    • Dramatically grow the Society’s social-media user base.

    • Increase online sales and drive attendance at the Society’s sites and programs.

    • Grow the Society’s membership program.

    • Help fulfill the Society’s mission of sharing stories.

  • Manage the Society’s social media marketing strategy through the following responsibilities:

    • On a daily basis, write, create and post engaging, dynamic, accurate, and timely content for all social-media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube (and additional platforms, as the multi-year strategy is rolled out).

    • Manage annual content calendar that is directly aligned with the key messages developed by the marketing and public-relations team.

    • Lead a cross-functional social media content planning team and work with internal stakeholders to deliver their respective key messages through social media.

    • Develop and manage an internal database that delegates social-media-posting and content-development responsibilities across the Society’s divisions.

    • Manage all social-media ad buying as outlined in the current fiscal-year marketing plan.

    • Regularly analyze social-media effectiveness and make adjustments to the strategies and plans as needed.

    • Ensure the public’s experience with the Society through social media aligns with the organization’s overall goals and vision.

    • Ensure brand and voice consistency throughout all social-media platforms.

    • Help with the development of higher-level marketing strategies to create a better digital user experience, grow the Society’s audience, and market all Society services.

To learn more about this position and how to apply visit https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS16062.

Marketing Content Specialist

POSTED: 5/6/2019

The Wisconsin Historical Society’s Marketing Content Specialist writes clickable website content, crafts catchy copy for a variety of marketing materials, drafts strong press releases, and works with the marketing team to execute aggressive forward-thinking marketing and communication plans. These functions support the Wisconsin Historical Society’s goals of audience growth and better service to the public.

The Marketing Content Specialist also works with the marketing manager to purchase ads, work with vendors, and work with colleagues across the Society to execute marketing plans and fulfill other content needs.

Core Duties

  • Create engaging, dynamic, and timely content for a variety of media platforms. This content will include:

    • Press releases

    • Brochures and visitor engagement guides

    • Video scripts

    • Other formats as needed

    • Help ensure brand consistency throughout all internal and external marketing content, promotions, products, and Society programs.

  • Write, edit, and regularly review marketing-related content for wisconsinhistory.org and all of the Society’s partner websites.

  • Serve as the primary support person for the marketing manager on ad buying, marketing project management, vendor relationship management, and marketing strategy execution.

  • Help ensure brand consistency throughout all internal and external marketing content, promotions, products, and Society programs.

  • Help develop top-notch marketing strategies to create a better digital user experience, grow the Society’s audience, and market all Society services.

To learn more about this position and how to apply visit https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS16060.

Account Manager + Social Media Guru

POSTED: 3/18/2019

Account Managers play a key role at Rippe Keane Marketing – working directly with clients, agency principals and in-house colleagues to create and execute strategies that deliver real results. Increasingly, those results rely on a strong social media presence with engaging content that supports client brands. So we’re not looking for just any Account Manager; we’re holding out for one that knows how social media helps to advance clients’ larger marketing objectives. The special, top-of-the-pile candidate will have at least 3 years’ experience working directly with clients in either an agency or corporate setting, and will have demonstrable skills in creating and deploying compelling social content.

Rippe Keane Marketing offers a great compensation package with benefits and perks, an award-winning office space with amazing views, and a great opportunity to grow your career in a fun, team-oriented environment that frequently includes language your mother would have grounded you for.

Send your letter and resume to Operations Manager Kevin Winter, kevin@rippekeane.com.


Account Coordinator

POSTED: 3/18/2019

Rippe Keane Marketing is expanding its Client Services department in order to provide an even better experience to our industry-leading clients. As an Account Coordinator, you’ll support 2-3 agency Account Managers in creating and executing strategies that exceed client objectives. The perfect candidate(s) will have a secondary education in marketing and/or communications; a minimum of 2 years in an account support role in either an agency or corporate setting; a meticulous attention to detail; and a strong desire to learn from Madison’s best Account Managers. Rippe Keane Marketing offers a great compensation package with benefits and perks, an award-winning office space with amazing views, and a great opportunity to grow your career in a fun, team-oriented environment that frequently includes language your mother would have grounded you for.

Send your letter and resume to Operations Manager Kevin Winter, kevin@rippekeane.com.



POSTED: 2/20/19

The PR, Social & Content Sr. Account Executive is an integral position within the agency. The ideal candidate will have at least six years of full-time experience, can be a coach and player on media relations and has a true passion for writing. They will assist with the development of public relations and content plans and the execution of those campaigns and projects.


  • Understand strategy and apply this understanding to client planning and execution

  • Take all steps necessary for effective and timely fulfillment of client and agency projects

  • Produce written communications that are clear, compelling and appropriate to the project, audience and medium

  • Establish professional rapport with clients, building their trust and confidence

  • Stay informed on industries and issues that are important to clients

  • Add value to public relations planning and projects by contributing marketing and creative ideas and observations 

  • Demonstrate good attention to detail and arranges, when appropriate, for others to check work for accuracy and quality

  • Promptly seek help or counsel when needed, from appropriate senior staff person

  • Collaborate effectively as a team member with the public relations department and other agency associates


  • The successful candidate should possess at least six years of experience

  • Writing must be a passion

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced work environment and ability to thrive under pressure

  • The ideal candidate should have a can-do attitude, curiosity, integrity and a We Before Me philosophy

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills including strong presentation skills

Learn more: https://www.hiebing.com/careers/


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